Manage your server with Alti Security Bot

Best bot to secure your server with tons of security commands, and best support team. Scroll down to learn more . . .


The below colmuns are statistics about Alti.

150000+ Users

combined total of every user who shares a server with Alti

90+ Servers

total number of servers Alti is in

50+ Commands

total number of commands executed over Alti's lifetime

1500+ Channels

total number of channels connected to the global chat


Add Alti to your server to get all the following features and more!

Secure your server

This feature is the main part of the bot and the part where I took a lot of time on. With Alti's security, you don't have to think about securing your server on your own!

  • Anti-spam, Anti-link, Anti-cuss, Anti-dox, Anti-virus, Anti-IPGrab, and a lot more features
  • Set up in less than a minute
  • Your personal security settings
  • Turn on or off anytime

Get rid of scam accounts

This feature is for getting rid of fake accounts controlled by bots that might be trying to raid on your server.

  • See who is verified and who isn't
  • Sends DM to verify when a user joins your server
  • Trun on or off anytime

Keep it clean

Alti has an extensive list of moderation commands and functions for helping you keep your server the way you want it to be.

  • Automatically grant new users a designated role
  • Kick, ban, or warn members with a simple command
  • Automatically delete messages containing your set words/phrases
  • Set up welcome/goodbye messages for when members join or leave
  • Get a certain users information
  • Get the server's information
  • Automatically log all server activity to a designated channel
  • Bulk delete large amounts of messages from a channel
  • Bulk delete large amounts of messages sent by a certain user

Log important events

Best logging. Logs when a user says a bad word or when a user changed setting on your server

  • Sends information to a designated channel
  • Shows user's info without needing to switch channels
  • Logs on a lot of events Protection Status